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How much does a web site cost?
How do I get a web site design cost quote?
How long does it take to have a web site designed?
How does the web site design process work?
Where do I get information & graphics to put on my web site?
What if my web site needs regular maintenance or updating?
What is a domain name?
Should I have a domain name for my web address?
What's more important - page loading time or looking good?
I've made my decision - I want a web site. Now what do I do?

 How much does a web site cost?

 There are quite a few factors that are going to affect the cost of
 your site. For example, how many pages  you  are  going to have,
 the amount of graphic work that is  required, and don't forget the
 cost for your domain name (web address) registration. In addition
 you will also need  an WSP ( Web Service Provider ) that will host
 your site and domain.
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How do I get a web site design cost quote?

If  you  already  have  a  web site  but want a "makeover" of your
existing  site, you  will  need  to provide us with your url (web site
address) and  some  details of what your goals and objectives are.
If  you do not yet have a web site, and you believe that your web
site  will  be  more  than  2-3  pages, we will  generally ask you to
forward  a  copy  of  all  of  the materials you plan to use (written
content,photos, any specific graphics you plan to use, etc.) to us
so that we may review them.

In either case, the  more information  you can provide us with the
better wewill be able to assist you. After  reviewing your materials
or current web site, we will  provide  you with a written quote and
send it to you either by email or snail mail.

If you would  like  a web site  design  quote  or if you are not sure
what you would like to have done b
ut have some questions,please
email us by filling out our contact form.
  How long does it take to have a web site designed?

Your web site design time frame will be determined by 3 factors:

- The size of your web site.
- The amount of pages, graphics, scanning, complexity, etc.
   of your site.
- Our current client design schedule.

Our next available date to start a project can change on a day-2-
day basis. So,  after you have gathered together  all your website
information and are ready to begin,we will give you an estimate of
your design time schedule, maintenance.
 How does the web site design process work?

We  have  found that one of the most commonly asked  questions from our future clients is,  "How do I get from start to finish in the development of my website?" It's for that reason that we decided
to prepare a basic outline of the web design process.

Remember  that  developing  an  effective  web site takes  careful
thought  and  planning. What you put into the planning stages will
ultimately be reflected in the end product.

Your  future  web  site  is  your  on-line advertisement and careful
planning with  the creation of great content will aid in the success
of your web site.

Make  note  of  any  preferences  (including likes and dislikes) you
have  about  your  future web site' style or layout. If you know of
any web sites that display any of these preferences, make sure to
provide them to us at the time we prepare a quote for you.

Create  a  list  of  categories  for  subject  areas that you wish to
cover in your web site.

Using  the  list of subject categories you created, gather together
all  the  information  and any specific photos, logos, etc. you that
you  would  like  to  use. Remember  that  all  content/information
should  be  written  exactly  the way that you like it to appear on
your web site.

After we received  confirmation  that  your  quote  is  acceptable,
we will send you a package with materials that you will need to fill
out, sign  and  send  back  to us along with a deposit check in the
amount of 50% of the quoted price. In addition, you will also need
to send  us any logos, photos, original artwork, etc., that need to
be scanned.

After  we  receive your materials and deposit, we will schedule an
approximate start date for your design process to begin.

When  your  web  site  is completed, we will upload your web site
files to a temporary  location  on our server. At this point you will
need to take some time & review your web site  thoroughly. While
you are reviewing your website, you will need to make note of any
changes, additions, corrections, etc. that you would like to make.
Once you have compiled your entire list of changes, etc., you will
need to send it to us via email.

Upon  receiving your list, we will make all your requested changes
to  your web site. After  they  are  completed  we  will load these
changes  up  to the temporary directory we created on our server
and notify you that they are completed.

It's time for  the final  review, so you  may again review your web
site and  send us a list of any final adjustments you wish to make.
After  the  final  adjustments  are  done ( if any ) we are ready to
move on to next step.

At this  point, we will prepare your final invoice and send it to you.
Upon  our  receipt of  your final payment, we will then upload your
web site to your website server.

Should  you  decide  to have Your Web Designer promote your site
to  search engines, directories, etc., we will begin to do so at this
 Where do I get information & graphics to put on my web site?

Making a  successful  site is synonymous with making it unique and
original. It  is  for that reason, along  with  copyright  infringement
issues, that  you  should  develop  your  own  written materials. In
addition, you may also wish to supplement your materials by asking
your  company,  organization, suppliers, and / or franchisers if they
would  allow  you  to  incorporate  some of their marketing and / or
promotional information into your web site.

Many people think that anything on the web is "fair game" and may
be  copied.  After  spending  time  and money to develop materials,
content, and  graphics  for  a  web site, would you like someone to
come  along  and  take  them without asking and use them for their
own benefit? Most likely you would not.

When you are gathering together your web site materials, it is more
important  to  remember where you should not obtain your web site
information   and  graphics  from.  You  should  never take  or copy
graphics, information  or content from another person or company's
web site  without  first receiving written permission from the owner
of the materials.

So  where  do  you  get the  information and graphics for your site?
The  answer  is  clear. Write  the  content yourself and/or only use
information  that you have  written permission to use. This may not
be the  easiest way to put  your web site information together, but
it is the best. The  end  result  will  be  an  original web site that is
uniquely you. As far  as  graphics are concerned, keep them unique
by  having  Your  Web  Designer  create  original  graphics and / or
obtain  the  proper  permissions  to  use  company  logos,  and / or

Don't take the easy way out-be original-be unique - be successful!
What if my web site needs regular maintenance or updating?

We  provide  that service to you, however, keep our updating fees
reasonable.  In  addition,  we  always try  to complete any general
maintenance  type  items that you may request in a timely fashion.
 What is a domain name?

A  domain  name  is  your  own  unique web site address. It can be
anything that you want, so long as that unique web site address is
available. For example, our domain name is spicktech.com

Currently  you see many domain names ( web site addresses ) that
end in .com, .net, .gov and .org  but  there  are  many new domain
name suffixes that are in the works for the future such as:

.biz for businesses
.name for individuals
.pro for professionals
.museum for museums
.coop for business cooperatives
.areo for the aviation industry

Two  letter  domains such as .ca, .jp, .de, .cc, .tv and  many more
are country code top level domains like .co.in for INDIA ; .co.uk for
United  Kingdom.  The domains correspond to a specific  geographic
location,  territory  or  country. Rules for their use vary greatly and
some  may only be used  by citizens of the respective country etc.
Should I have a domain name for my web address?

We  highly  recommend  that  you  get  a  domain name. Without a
domain name, your web site  address will be connected to someone
else's  domain  name  which  leaves you with very little control and
may create problems for you down the road.

Starting  off  with  your own domain name is the best choice rather
than  beginning  without one.  Changing your web site address at a
later  date  can  be  a  costly   and  time  consuming  project. This
includes re- promoting your site on-line and off-line, reprinting your
business cards/promotional materials, and much more.

Another important point is the fact that a domain name is easier for
people  to  remember!  Get your own domain name and avoid future
disasters. It is well worth the money!
 What's more important - page loading time or looking good?

They  both  are important. Your web site is your on-line storefront.
It  should  be   attractive  to  visitors  and  project  a professional,
polished  image for yourself and your company/organization. Having
too many graphics, or slow loading graphics is unnecessary. If your
page  takes too long to load it doesn't matter how great that 100K
graphic  looks,  many  people   won't  wait  and will leave your site
before it has time to finish loading.The answer is to have a balance
of attractive graphics, good layout, and reasonable load time.
 I've made my decision - I want a web site. Now what do I do?
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