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SPICK   TECHNOLOGIES  specializes  in development of  client server
applications  and   robust   enterprise   applications.  An    application
development  system  used to create applications for a client / server
environment. A comprehensive system generally includes a GUI builder
for creating  one or all of the major GUIs: Windows and Mac, a fourth-
generation language  for  creating  the  business logic, an  interpreter
and /or compiler and debugging tools. It provides support for many of
the major  database  management systems (Oracle, Sybase, Informix,
etc.), and it may include its own DBMS.

For enterprise - wide client / server development, a system may allow
for application  partitioning, which  separates  parts of the application
on to different  machines.  Such  systems  support  the  major  server
environments(Unix, Windows, NetWare, etc.) in order to accommodate
the  dispersion of  business  logic onto multiple computers. It may also
include  software  configuration  management capabilities that provide
version control and bug tracking.

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